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[link this site?] Welcome to Spirited, the approved and recognized anime fanlisting for the character Gon Freecss of the anime and manga series Hunter X Hunter. This page is owned by Shi and part of her collective, The Honor and Blood Network.

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º 24 May 2019 \\ Spirited is opened for fans of Gon Freecss to join!


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Spirited is the fanlisting for Gon Freecss of the Hunter X Hunter anime and manga series created by Yoshihiro Togashi [of Yuu Yuu Hakusho fame]. The series is the story of four young people--Gon, Killua Zaoldyeck, Kurapika and Leorio--who first met through the highly challenging Hunter Exam and become friends after numerous physical, mental and emotional trials.

Gon is the main character of the series. He is twelve [12] years old and had lived in Kujiro [Whale] Island with his Aunt Mito and Obaasan. All his life, he believed that his father, Gin, had long since been dead. However, a mysterious man came to his island home, from whom Gon learned that his father was very much alive and is globetrotting as a famous Hunter.

This new knowledge gave Gon the impetus to leave Kujiro and join the rigorous Hunter Exam. Not only would being a Hunter allow him many privileges distinct from those of non-Hunter citizens, but this will also very likely provide him with leads as to where to find his father.

He is best friends with the child assassin Killua. Gon is also quite close with older boys Kurapika and Leorio. Together, the four have a strong bond borne of friendship and many trials surpassed. Hisoka, arguably the anti-hero in Hunter X Hunter, holds a certain fascination and regard for Gon, mainly because of the latter's strength, determination and drive to continually gain knowledge and skills as a Hunter.

Gon's distinguishing features include his distinctly spiky greenish black hair, large dark eyes and small, nimble frame, which is often clad in his "uniform" green shirt and shorts. He wields a fishing rod, which formerly belonged to his father, as an all-purpose tool and weapon. He was educated in Nen at the Sky Battle Pinga by Sensei Wing, and was found to be of the Kyouka or Strengthen type of Hatsu.

Spirited has been online since 24 May 2019. Site name is an adjective synonymous with adventurous, dynamic and dauntless, all of which very well describe Gon's character.


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VERSION 1.0 \\ Sweet Child

The first version of Spirited features two [2] juxtaposed portraits of Gon Freecss, designed and textured in shades of cream and forest and mint green. The overall fresh and woody scheme was devised to complement Gon's coloring and lively, down-to-earth personality.

Version title and lyrics appearing on the layout are from the song Sweet Child O' Mine. Words used are from the Sheryl Crow version, but this was originally performed by Guns N' Roses in their album Appetite for Destruction. In my humble opinion, the track suits Gon fresh, youthful spirit and wide-eyed innocence very well.

The layout was uploaded on 24 May 2019. It was created using Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and spliced with Image Ready. HTML coded with Notepad.

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